Special preaching campaign in Panama

Deneen Larsen

And a bit of relaxation…

July 21 After the busy week last week, decided to take it a bit easier and appreciate a bit of the beauty in Jehovah’s creation. And the beautiful pool we visit every week….Enjoy!

Having some great success!

July 14 This has been an exciting week!I had my second study with Andrea this week and she is so good! Since she studied before, when she was young, she has a real strong appreciation for the Bible, clearly knows who Jehovah is and wants to learn! She makes very heartfelt and thoughtful answers and […]

Fun Times!

July 7 Took a trip south to Panama City. Looks like the size of Nanaimo with over 2 million people – very crowded and lots of traffic. Then took a trip north to see the countryside and ocean….

Beautiful surroundings

June 29 Do you see the beautiful mangos hanging off the tree? They taste delicious! This week I followed up on a few return visits and found the sister of an RV who used to study. She was very friendly and eager to admit that their family had studied before. She remembers going to the […]

A great first week!

June 23 Some pictures of around La Chorrera and the Kingdom Hall. That’s the little green car I’m renting while we’re here, in front of the place we’re staying at. We had a fun and delicious Mexican themed (I know right?) hospitality lunch on Sunday. Weather is nice and hot, around 30 degrees every day […]

Busy Preaching…

June 19 Spent my first few days going to the meeting and working in service with the beautiful English congregation here in La Chorrera. There’s also 2 English congregations in Panama City. Super friendly and loving brothers and sisters, a true family. Today, we spoke with a young man who was a boxer and fought […]

Getting ready to go!

On June 15, I’m headed off to La Chorrera, Panama for a 6-week special preaching campaign!